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Mount & Blade – create your game

Mount & Blade is a RPD game produced by Tale Worlds. The action of the game takes place in the medieval era. The most amazing part of the game can be seen right from the beginning where the player has the chance to create his own character, with whom he will be able to progress in the game, to make trade, to build an army that will be used to gain castles and cities. Another great thing about this game is the fact that the player doesn’t have to follow a certain path, he will have a great freedom of action. You can test out for real. Many players try this first because they see this first information and it is handy.

Calradia is the country where the action takes place and in this country there are five kingdoms: Khergit, Swadia, Nords, Vaegirs and Rhodoks. Every kingdom is different starting from factions, army, landscape and of course missions.

Needless to say, the players start at level 1 having just a horse and a couple of weapons. Once he progresses in the game he will be able to create bigger army by earning money (this can be done by making trades, fight or simply completing some tasks). Having enough money, the player will be able to buy better weapons, strong horse, he can develop his villages and cities (of course, after he gained them fair and square or if he choose to join an existing kingdom).

Also, another great thing is the fact that once progress is made, after each task is completed, the player gets bonus points that actually can be used to improve some skills that he already has: to shoot with bow, to heal faster his army, to give more speed to his horses. But this bonus points have, let’s say an expiration date, they can be used a certain time, but the player can choose when to use them. You will get many options to choose from and you can select the one that suits you the best.

The army is recruited from the villages and cities. For instance, from the villages simple peasants can be recruited and during fights they improve. A thing that needs to be taken into account is the fact that the army needs to be paid every single week. The wages need to be sorted since soldiers have different ranks, so the wages are according to everyone’s status. Money can be earned in different ways: after every fight the winner gets a part of the looser money and the so called war booty. Also, every property (village, city, castle) gathers every week a certain amount of cash.

From my point of view, this game is one of the most beautiful and captivating games since it has a great story, freedom of action and taking into account his “age” a great graphic.

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